The boot to the past

Their lossGetting the boot at a previous employer for nearly 9 years was a wise lesson for me five years ago. A terribly sad lesson but wise nonetheless.

I had my entire heart in this company, I was involved before it even started and I watched it grow, helped to build it up and expand and see it turn into a multi million Euro business with over 50 co-workers divided over two locations in The Netherlands.

But it didn’t last in spite of my devotion to The Company as I always proudly called it, I got the exit talk anyway and was laid off the same day. Later I learned the only reason for my misery was sheer jealousy from a colleague who feared I was after his job, it wasn’t even because of how I functioned as my KPI scores were good.


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A taste of love, the American adventure

Exciting!As you all know I have published a couple of books last year, a fact that makes me a very proud author. My Dutch book is sold out now and my book in English is nearing the same milestone soon.

But there’s going to be more of it. Today I received the ISBN for the American version of my book A taste of love. The publisher in America has sent me the proof for the book and the cover and I gladly gave my approval.

So in the coming weeks I will be informed about the publishing date and the final result. I will keep this a secret for a while until it’s finally there but the book cover will show a picture that is very dear to me and a lot of my friends.

Exciting news, a third ISBN in my name added to the collection. Well, soon anyway.

Gut feeling

Gut feelingThis is how I remember it, Brundall railway station. In 1989 I got off the train here, with a knot tied in my stomach. A month before I left the army, not knowing what to do with my life and my uncle, The Brains they called him in the family, advised me “to go far away for a while to grow up and find out who I am”.

It meant a turn in my life that shaped me into what I am still now, I know that sounds a bit cryptical but my real friends know what I mean.

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I am not that person

Recently I received E-mails from companies asking me if I would be interested to work for them in in several job positions varying from office manager to consultant or even as a managing director. Since I have no desire to work in any position for any company I feel the need to explain my motivation for this bold statement.

I am quite happy where I am and I am very satisfied with what I do, writing poetry with a passion for God. I am retired now and I am no longer working in employment, I have laid my feet to rest so to speak.

In the mean time I keep myself occupied with lots of things about which I write here too. There is this model railway that I am currently building which will be of supreme quality once it is finished. I collect vinyl records and play them on my vintage Garrard Zerro 100SB record player and a 1973 Pioneer tube amplifier. I cook lovely meals for my family and every three weeks I get an infusion just to stay alive.

Curious about the things I do? You can read my work here on this website. Please tell me what you think of it.

So just a reminder: I am not looking for job opportunities. If you’re a head hunter, HR manager or otherwise engaged in activities to find the right person for the right job: I am not that person.

Announcement: 10 years a writer!

In 2015 I have been writing stories for 10 years, 17 January 2015 to be precise and already there are over 250 articles on my websites and I had to divide them into two separate websites, a Dutch and an English one. I decided to start writing 10 years ago published ‘Solliciteren‘ (in Dutch) and lots of other thinks to make my point. Dozens of poems and short stories.

In the mean time a few hundred points have passed by and I am also writing a book. In all those years I have written stories and poems about ups and downs, about being safe, about love and loneliness. About sickness and death and about the will to live. Poems larded with humour but also some with a raw message. But always inspired by my love for God and to show something of His love.

I would like to invite you to look around here and tell me what you like. And I, I am going to plan a party I think.