WWI remembrance day 2018

WWI 1914 – 1918. 100 years ago.

265248 Private Robert John Smith of the 9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment, died in Flanders fields, 21/03/1918, Born in Mattishall, Norfolk. Enlisted in Norwich, Norfolk. Gerry Francis’ Granddad. Great Granddad of Annette and Chris and Malcolm. He and so many others gave their lives for us. We will never forget.

100 Reasons

100 Years ago there was no reason
For killing 100 Soldiers on a day or more
100 Years today
There are 100 reasons
That we’ve learned from 100 Years before
To live another 100 years again
Without a war


The Cold War

I remember it as yesterday’s events, the time a Russian Bomber flew over our house in 1981. It was in the days of the Cold War, a time of fear for Russians in the West. Nuclear war heads were aimed at the West in the CCCP, American nuclear rockets were aimed back in places in the West. Threats to use them were being made by both.

As children we were taught at school and told by parents that the Russians were an evil lot and that they would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons to take over the world. And, as we were children, we believed them.

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