Fox Hunt

I say!First, let me make it abundantly clear that I am against the Fox Hunt! And the only reason I dare to share this story with you is the outcome of it. No Foxes were killed during writing this story, rest assured.

Read til the end.

A little over 25 years ago I lived in England. And at that time I had friends living near Cambridge that were well off and had a habit, some will now say a nasty habit, of indulging in the good of life and go on a Fox Hunt once a year, I believe the day after Christmas if I remember correctly. And although I had no desire to get my arse wholloped on the back of a horse nor kill a Fox, I could not say no when I was invited to join them in their festivities. But I had a few questions I needed to ask before I was going to accept their invitation and one of them was: is there a real Fox and do I have to kill it? And they all laughed. “We will tell you in time before the hunt not to worry, see you at the inn tomorrow”, Cordelia* said when I left their house that evening.

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Hospital Road

meine-liebe-300x300This is the corner of Hospital Road, to the right it was called Water Lane, behind me in this picture is Broad Lane, the road to Norwich. When it rained this corner was usually flooded and I had to go through 10 to 20 inches of water, getting my feet wet on my pushbike.

But it is a happy memory, I remember going down the road to the local supermarket on numerous occasions, buying Bacon and Beans, Minced Meat or Frozen Peas for Tea.

Broad Lane Water Lane Hospital Road NR135EW

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The rider of the Black Horse Inn

Never believe what you see or hear

1. Arrival at the Black Horse Inn
It was 1826 and the wind was howling through the bare trees. I always liked October, I loved the smell of wet land and rotting leaves and all the changing colours but this time was different. It was nearly dark and bitter cold already and the rain and hail slammed my face so hard it hurt. It shouldn’t be long before Autumn was over and Winter would come now. I entered the inn and the door slammed shut behind me as the wind grabbed it and blew leaves inside. There were only a few guests in the room lit with a few oil lamps and candles and two candles were blown out instantly by the gust of wind.

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