Showroom, Farce Majeur, Mensen zoals jij en ik, Glamourland, De Stoel, De Fabriek, Toppop, Swiebertje, Pipo de Clown, Pommetje Horlepiep, Barbapapa, Wickie, Dunderklumpen!, Karlsson på taket, Kalles Klätterträd, Pippi Langkous, Dick Turpin, Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen, meneer?, De Film van Ome Willem.

Zo. Nu hebben jullie allemaal weer wat om lekker herinneringen over op te halen. Aanvullingen? Hieronder in de opmerkingen!

Love over Gold

Love over GoldFrom the time when the heating went out in winter and we got snowed in and hills were hard to take with a pushbike.

When we had to choose between Home and Away and Coronation Street, and we were absolutely sure we had seen The Grey Lady and Castle Hill wasn’t hollowed out yet.

When we found time to go out together and drink a pint or two or more, when we lived high above the ground in a castle and had parties every weekend. And life was never dull.

We have something that others don’t have and it is friendship.


My first gold watch, I bought it in 1989 at Ratner’s in Norwich. So many good memories come back now when I pick it up to look at it.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could go back in time and hop on my pushbike and speed down Kett’s Hill and turn left into the city center to go there again.

It’s safely tucked away with all the other good memories now.

Along the dirt road

ReminiscingYears ago in the early 1990’s I lived in a little two bedroom house along a dirt road in the country side of The Netherlands. I was struggling to find a job and regarded as poor but I could always pay the gas bill so I was ok I reckoned.

The Dutch were still paying each other in Guilders then, there was no Euro yet, people didn’t even know the word. There was a union of European countries, but normal people didn’t know about it or didn’t care. We just lived our peaceful lives in those days.

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Gut feeling

Gut feelingThis is how I remember it, Brundall railway station. In 1989 I got off the train here, with a knot tied in my stomach. A month before I left the army, not knowing what to do with my life and my uncle, The Brains they called him in the family, advised me “to go far away for a while to grow up and find out who I am”.

It meant a turn in my life that shaped me into what I am still now, I know that sounds a bit cryptical but my real friends know what I mean.

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Snapshot Old Hall

Snapshot of Old Hall, Little Plumstead, Norfolk England – August 1989. Praktica MTL5 with a Pentacon 1.8/50mm lens. Scan from Kodak Gold paper at 300dpi.

I was rummaging through my night stand and found this old photograph. I thought it was gone but I must have hidden it too well a long time ago. It’s probably the best picture I ever took in England. This is a moment of utter happiness visualised, after that I never experienced anything like it.

Memories in Technicolor

I love watching these old films. As a child we had this enormous Philips Colour Television made in Sweden.

We watched films like Doctor Zhivago, The Sound of Music, Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines, To Sir, With Love and all kinds of other lovely films that are now Classics.

That wonderful colour television is now long gone but I can still remember sitting there and watching it and if I close my eyes I can still smell the hot, orange glowing, dusty vacuum tubes in the back.


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