Het politieke liedje

Ze zingen heel soms eensgezind in koor
Nog vaker zingt iemand de tegenstem
En het volk biedt dan een luisterend oor
Voor een lied van al hun talloze beloften
Over het beloofde land dat nooit zal komen
Ze willen er zo graag de boventoon in voeren
Hun zangtalent is niet eenvoudig af te remmen
Maar zoals altijd klinkt het liedje vreselijk vals
Terwijl wij alleen maar kunnen stemmen


I have a lot of caring friends
They e-mail me all the time to tell
That I should lose some weight
20 Lbs a week or even 30 if I’m lucky
And if I use their products this or that
I might get a date with their friend Holly
Or Kelly, or Debby, Libby, Emily, Kitty, Lucy or Melody
They must know me pretty well

Christmas Jumper

I showed him the picture and asked him for a 3XL and he just laughed and said there weren’t enough Christmas lights in the world to go with that. Cheeky! “Sir if that is on top of your Christmas List as you say, what is second?” he asked. I told him with overt sarcasm that would be Dungarees and he laughed even more.

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Brexit explained

On BrexitBrexit. That is what we call it, Great Britain leaving the EU. And soon there will be a Referendum about it so the British people can have their say in the matter.

One of my friends said she likes to make an informed choice and she hasn’t been very well informed so she doesn’t know what to vote now.

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