I am not a Roman Catholic myself but I do respect their ways of experiencing their belief and this is why I wear this medal of Saint Francis. On the back it says “Pray for us”, Saint Francis is the Patron Saint for the poor.

This little medal reminds me to pray for them every now and then. I was poor once and living on the streets. That was a long time ago but I have not forgotten the kindness received from people, a meal, a sandwich and occasionally a drink. Very rarely I was offered a bed and shower and once a few quit to spend on clothing at the Salvation Army shop.

Do not forget the poor, do not forget them in your prayers, God bless you.


Exciting!A life long wish has come true today: the accepted request for reunion of two of the largest Reformed churches in The Netherlands by the Reformed Synod.

It has divided the previous generations for decades, my aunts and uncles, cousins and it has been a cause for arguments, quarrel and even anger between them in my childhood.

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Eternally upbeat

Being chronically ill is no picknick. There is nothing worse than being tired all the time with no hope for a cure or a better quality of life. But I am so glad I have so many cards up my sleeve to fight the effects. One of them is Faith, another one is trying to stay eternally upbeat no matter what with a mind that goes a thousand times faster than my body. So, when I am really down, I pull faces. Like this one. And then I laugh at myself. So when you see a face like this, know that I am in survival mode. Lend me a hand, pull a face too. See you all on Facebook.


The love only Jesus could give you

meine-liebe-300x300Merry Christmas to you all my friends. I pray for you often that you may not perish with the unfaithful but that you experience the love of Jesus and be saved. Amen. You are my friends and I love you.

Without you my life would not only be utterly boring but really miserable too. The past year I have experienced your love, affection, care and attention over and over again and for that I thank you from my heart.

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Dear Lord

Dear Lord, please hear my prayer

I wrote this (click the link above) last year when in Peshawar, Pakistan many innocent lives were destroyed. It seems so appropriate now, when apparently an act of evil people cost the lives of hundreds of other people as an airliner was shot from the air today. Yet again I am in shock and can not believe there are people this diabolic to do such a thing. I am actually choking on tears because of the sadness of todays tragedy.

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