Apple Pie

My own recipe

I have decided not to take my Recipe for Apple Pie to the grave but to share it with you all. The secret is in the quantities, I used a lot more of this and that. And I put Rum in it.

My apple pie was chosen The Best Apple Pie Of The Netherlands and featured in a Bake Show with famous Dutch comedian André van Duin and the famous illusionist Hans Klok. If you want to see the episode of Doorbakken (Bake On) in which André van Duin and Hans Klok have a taste of my apple pie, click the link below (my turn at 16 minutes).

Doorbakken 24 April 2022 at Omroep Max on the NPO1 channel

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Saté Ajam (Marinaded Chicken with Peanut Sauce)

In Malaisia Saté Ajam is called Satai (transl. Stick, Saté phonetically) because they put the chunks of chicken on a thin Bamboo stick. It is then baked in oil in a frying pan or grilled on charcoal and served with Peanut Sauce.

We sometimes we make this at home without using sticks, during Summer when we can use the outside BBQ in the roof garden we use sticks as it’s easier to grill the meat. Sometimes served with Rice and Green Beans or oven baked french bread.

Saté Ajam


6 Tablespoons Ketjap Manis
4 Tablespoons Honey
4 Cloves of Garlic chopped up
2 Teaspoons Sambal Oelek (big teaspoons)
2 Teaspoons Sambal Badjak (big teaspoons)
1 Inch of Ginger, pealed and grated
1 Lemon (juice of 1 Lemon)
Some Ground Black Pepper

Mix all these ingredients together in a bowl and make sure they are all dissolved into a nice dark syruppy mixture.

Add chopped chicken legs or breasts to the mixture and stir thouroughly. Leave for two to three hours and stir a few times more during that time.

Saté sauce


12.5 ounces of Peanut Butter
4 Cloves of Garlic chopped up
1 Chopped up Onion (very finely chopped or use the blender)
3 Tablespoons Ketjap Manis
3 Teaspoons Sambal Badjak (big teaspoons)
0.5 Teaspoon Ketoembar (Coriander)
0.5 Teaspoon Djintan (Cumin)
0.5 Teaspoon Laos (or use Ginger if you want it spicy)
10.5 Fluid Ounces of Coconut Milk
0.25 Teaspoon Cinnamon
Add Milk to the pan if the mixture is too thick

Download this recipe in PDF: sate_ajam.pdf

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Pizza, the quick and dirty

Can you make a Pizza Leon? Sure, no problem. Here it comes …

One layer of dough, spread Heinz Tomato Frito on top and sprinkle with Italian herbs and spices mix. Throw on lots of onion rings and sliced Mushrooms. Then the diced ham, red paprika, green paprika, lots of Pepperoni and Salami slices. Top it with grated Mozarella cheese, grated Parmesan cheese and a few slices of Gouda 30+ cheese. Bung it in a pre heated oven at 200 Celsius for about 20 minutes and bobs your uncle.

Plumstead Pie

Once upon a time

Once upon a time when I was young I lived in England for a couple of years and learned to cook lovely dishes from the cook in the kitchen of Little Plumstead Hospital.

One of the things he taught me was how to make a proper pie, usually his own inventions which he regularly changed over the course of time.



So what is Plumstead Pie exactly?

Plumstead Pie is an oven dish and not difficult to make but it will take you quite some time to prepare it so take your time in the kitchen.

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Swampyland Stew

A weekend with friends

There are times, mostly in autumn and winter when you have friends from far away visiting, that you don’t need to put haute cuisine on the table and instead you feel they are much more in need of a good rich meal made in a traditional way.

Those are the meals you grew up with and made the way your mother made it for the family when you were young. It’s a way to express to special friends that they are family too, no even more than family. Below you can read how a traditional Dutch Stew is made just to share with a brother and his family who can taste it for the first time in their life. I call it Swampyland Stew, and it’s made with love.

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