SteamOk, this is by far my best childhood memory: the steam operated merry-go-round in The Efteling theme park in The Netherlands.

I was five or six I think and in those days the Carousel was still outside, it’s now an indoor feature but in those days it was outside and a steam powered event. I can still remember the smell of soot and steam and it was beautiful to be in.

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Tube, Wireless, Turntable

Old DaysI was very much into music when I was going to college, as all young people were in those days. There were these weekly leaflets in the record shop with the latest Top 40 and we bought our 45’s there using that list.

I can remember them oh so well, printed in black and red with an old-fashioned font they were also handed down during break time at school with the best hits encircled with a biro or a felt pen.

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And then there were these voices

8 years oldWhen I was young my parents once took us for a Summer Holiday in France in 1976, I think the place was called Avalon. We were staying at a campsite along a whispering river right next to our tent, a lovely noise when you woke up and listened to it in a tent lit up orange with the morning sun.

My dad brought us there in an old orange Volkswagen bus and my mum and dad took turns in driving so we drove all night long until we arrived there deep in the night. All the way down there I laid in the back on top of the engine, the noise made me fall asleep (it still is like that, I can fall asleep instantly with loud music).

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Why? Because it cheers me up!

meine-liebe-300x300Yesterday was my regular infusion day. Normally the nurse arrives around nine but this time I got a telephone call saying she had to fly off to an emergency and that another nurse would be doing my infusion later that day.


She arrived eventually at half past one and then she couldn’t find a vein to work with so she applied the infusion to the back of my hand, in “the spare vein” so to speak. Spare nurse, spare vein, just my luck. So I finished my infusion later than usual at eight in the evening, I had a beer and went straight to bed.

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