Breakfast in the Castle

Breakfast in Meijepolder Castle is always fun. Cheerful and happy children making their lunch singing getting ready for school. They always close doors real quietly and I get hugs and kisses when they leave for school. Never ever do I have to tell them to hurry up and they never forget to clean the crumbs from the table or bring their plate and knifes and cups back to the kitchen. Everyone should wish they have such examples of fine children in their house that’s how well behaved they are. It was a pleasure again this morning I am telling you. It has made my day already.


I never recovered from that fire alarm that went off early this morning, I just can’t stop yawning all day long.

This morning we were all ‘alarmed’ so to speak when my beloved woman decided to use deodorant spray right underneath the fire and smoke detector. Not a wise idea as it appeared.

I tried to go to sleep again after that but when I lay in bed after I switched it off I just had to laugh. I mean, how many times in your life will it happen that you stand on a chair at 6 in the morning in front of the love of your life shouting, “it’s ok love don’t panic, I love you dear!”? Butt naked?

Mister Elephant has a cold

Oh help, help! Mister Elephant has a cold!
Please tell him where the medicine is sold

He blew his nose all birds were gone
He blew his nose in an enormous hanky

Chasing off eleven Zebras in the park
And in the waiting room at the doctor’s

He blew away the wall with one sneeze
He blew away doc’s assistant in one go

Oh help, help! Mister Elephant has a cold!
Please tell him where the medicine is sold

Doctor Spoonbill wanted to stuck a needle in his butt

He blew off the curtains with one shout
He blew off the table that giant spout

Doctor Spoonbill, Mister Elephant has a cold!
Would you tell him where the medicine is sold