A Sunday with friends

Remember I wrote about that morning we had English Breakfast with friends? This morning we were back together for coffee and a drink. And as usual it was yet another morning full of laughter and fun. It is so important to have friends that are just there for you and take you as you are. And boy, did we laugh again today.

Or, as in Mole’s very own wise words in The Willows at Christmas: “Friends are important!”.

English Breakfast

English Breakfast today with friends.

Honey, when I say “I bring home the bacon.” I do mean I bring home the bacon, 1.5 pounds to be precise, three tins of Baked Beans, half a pound of Mushrooms, 18 eggs, 30 sausages and three loafs of white bread for toast. But it was just a little investment in a great friendship that hopefully will last for years and years to come. And boy, did we laugh today.