Voor 10 personen

1 diepe glazen schaal (rond of rechthoekig)
2 pakken Lange Vingers
2 zakken Bitterkoekjes
1 pakje Dr Oetker Jelly aardbeiensmaak
1 pakje Dr Oetker Kookpudding Bitterkoekjes ***
1 pak Koopmans Custard
1 pak slagroom (1/4 liter)
1 doosje Bosbessen
1 doosje Frambozen
1 flesje Amaretto di Saronno
1,5 liter Melk
1 pak Suiker

Voor een Trifle moet je vroeg op de dag beginnen, er zitten diverse pauzes in het proces om de Custard en de pudding te laten afkoelen.

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Time traveling

Many years ago I lived in England for a few years, I am sure I have told you all about it on many occasions. Even though I love my life in The Netherlands, the love of my life my wife, and my four children and all the friends I have here, I do long to be there at times.

I think it has to do with all these great memories I have of those good time I had as a young man, being in England, having friends around me there (just as I have them around me here nowadays) and not in the least the British food. Yes, there are times I wish I could just pop over for a pint or a proper English meal.

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Merry ChristmasThe leftovers from Christmas are gone and so are the delicacies we had last night, New Year’s Eve. The other thing left is all the gained pounds round the Equator. Not that I care really. Last year I have made a discovery that can cure this.

It is difficult to maintain a steady weight when you’re on infusions every three weeks. In Holland we have this expression, Yo-Yo Kilos and I have six of them.

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A weekend with friends

meine-liebe-300x300Last weekend I was in England again after several years. I spent a few days in Cambridge with one of the bests friends I have. The weather was excellent throughout our stay and we had lovely meals in various restaurants. Cambridge, although expensive, is one of the most beautiful cities in England.

Almost the entire city centre consists of buildings built over one hundred years and some of them are several hundred years old.

The first evening after we landed at Stansted we decided to have Chili Con Carne in a Tapas restaurant. I noticed a bottle of hot sauce and I thought, how bad can it be and I sprinkled it on my food. Ok, here is a warning: when the bottle says ‘hot sauce’ it is really hot sauce and you do not put 20 drops of it on your food.

Cholula Hot Sauce

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Feeding my family

meine-liebe-300x300I have four lovely children, Anouk (18), Niels (16), Liset (14) and Joris (10). They grow up fast and lately they have been complaining there is not enough food on the table at tea time.

I usually have the same amount of food for every meal and when they complained I decided to make 50 % extra for each meal from now on. For example, instead of just over 1 kilogram of peeled potatoes I now made at least 1.5 kilogram. Or rice, or pasta. And likewise for vegetables and meat.

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