Cambridge chilly corners

This Spring I went back to England, this time I went with my dear friend Han to Cambridge. It is hard to explain what these visits mean to me, there is a lot of emotion involved.

I like England, it was the first place in young adulthood where I felt at peace with myself for a while and found friends.

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For John Cleese, his last alimony installment was paid today

O she ripped the heart out from his chest
Together with the fat wallet in his pocket
Then left him so brokenhearted and skint
And at the high honourable judge’s behest
She got the final ruling of the court in print
Took his home, his pots and pans, yes his cat
As she loved hanging out with dirty animals
Her boyfriend is a flea bag, her lawyer a rat
How can one survive this I can hear you say
Escape from her evil hate and money games
By praying continuously that she will perish
May her earthly goods unrightfully claimed
Including my wallet she took go up in flames


My two oldest children are having their exams this and next week. The stress is almost visible in the room as they review their next exam over and over again. I remember taking my exams, I remember the tension and stress, the irritation and excitement.


In a week it will all be over for them and then they will have to wait for the outcome, that one important phone call. And I know how they feel, I took my exams three times. Three most important phone calls. Three times? Yes, three times, I will explain it to you.

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A weekend with friends

Last weekend I was in England again after several years. I spent a few days in Cambridge with one of the bests friends I have. The weather was excellent throughout our stay and we had lovely meals in various restaurants. Cambridge, although expensive, is one of the most beautiful cities in England.

Almost the entire city center consists of buildings built over one hundred years and some of them are several hundred years old.

The first evening after we landed at Stansted we decided to have Chili Con Carne in a Tapas restaurant. I noticed a bottle of hot sauce and I thought, how bad can it be and I sprinkled it on my food. Ok, here is a warning: when the bottle says ‘hot sauce‘ it is really hot sauce and you do not put 20 drops of it on your food.

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I said goodbye today

I said goodbye to my old home today and cried
To my worn down house, there it laid in ruins
In the evening sun when the light let go of it
And the last rays warmed it’s walls once more
Before the coldness took over in the starry night
The darkness surrounded it’s walls and just then
Every room was cold in my beloved ancient house
Subdued to time and weather it sighed and died

I said goodbye to my Old Hall today and cried
There I wept, mourning for a home once so alive
When friends were its heart and bloodstream
Of this old building once majestic and so nice
A perfect world within a broken world outside
That house in tatters, bricks have fallen down
It bowed its head like I did mine and died today
And my heart broke down and then it too died

Fox Hunt

First, let me make it abundantly clear that I am against the Fox Hunt! And the only reason I dare to share this story with you is the outcome of it. No Foxes were killed during writing this story, rest assured.

Read til the end.

A little over 25 years ago I lived in England. And at that time I had friends living near Cambridge that were well off and had a habit, some will now say a nasty habit, of indulging in the good of life and go on a Fox Hunt once a year, I believe the day after Christmas if I remember correctly. And although I had no desire to get my arse wholloped on the back of a horse nor kill a Fox, I could not say no when I was invited to join them in their festivities. But I had a few questions I needed to ask before I was going to accept their invitation and one of them was: is there a real Fox and do I have to kill it? And they all laughed. “We will tell you in time before the hunt not to worry, see you at the inn tomorrow”, Cordelia* said when I left their house that evening.

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Where are you now?

Life goes on and people move to different places, you stayed and I left for the last time. Years have passed and children have grown from onesies to a wedding dress. And I sometimes think back to those times when we were happy and careless and to the days that we were friends.

But where are you now?
Are you alright my friend?
Is your life complete, like mine?
Do you long for those days too from long ago?

Life goes on and people change like places, I left as then I had no choice. And years have passed and left those scars that will not ever be healed in time again. And sometimes I just think that all this time you never have forgotten too of days so long ago when were were friends.

But where are you now?
Are you alright my friend?
Is your life complete, like mine?
Do you long for those days too from long ago?

And life goes on and people change and houses are torn down and built again, over and over. Nothing stays the same and never ever shall we meet again. Sometimes I think that I should not have left but then I would have not got this far when I was young and we were friends.

But where are you now?
Are you alright my friend?
Is your life complete, like mine?
Do you long for those days too from long ago?

When old friends meet

When old friends meet
In the evening sun together
Warming on each other’s love
And laughter fills the air

When old friends meet
They share their drinks together
A band plays songs for them
And they will dance with flair

When old friends meet
They toast to life together
Sparkling sunlight in a glass
And music sweet and fair

Photo used with permission