My first gold watch, I bought it in 1989 at Ratner’s in Norwich. So many good memories come back now when I pick it up to look at it.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could go back in time and hop on my pushbike and speed down Kett’s Hill and turn left into the city center to go there again.

It’s safely tucked away with all the other good memories now.

A taste of love, the American adventure

As you all know I have published a couple of books last year, a fact that makes me a very proud author. My Dutch book is sold out now and my book in English is nearing the same milestone soon.

But there’s going to be more of it. Today I received the ISBN for the American version of my book A taste of love. The publisher in America has sent me the proof for the book and the cover and I gladly gave my approval.

So in the coming weeks I will be informed about the publishing date and the final result. I will keep this a secret for a while until it’s finally there but the book cover will show a picture that is very dear to me and a lot of my friends.

Exciting news, a third ISBN in my name added to the collection. Well, soon anyway.

Update 1 June 2018: unfortunately they went bankrupt and the entire stock of the company was destroyed at the curator’s orders.

Little Boi Blarin’

Little boi Alfred blundered into a mardle
He got his shirt and his trousers claggy
As the muck was dripping on the cobbles
His father found the little boi blarin’ an’orl
If yew was smaart yew better learn sum
He said and don’t yew puttin’ on yar parts
Afore yew was going back into the house
I would now be gorn acrorst alonga me
Pampin’ to that pump there in our gaard’n
That is if you too wuz so afreard of mum


Given “10 out of 10 and the thumbs up” by a fan from Norfolk

Quoted on BBC Radio Norfolk

Gut feeling

This is how I remember it, Brundall railway station. In 1989 I got off the train here, with a knot tied in my stomach. A month before I left the army, not knowing what to do with my life and my uncle, The Brains they called him in the family, advised me “to go far away for a while to grow up and find out who I am”.

It meant a turn in my life that shaped me into what I am still now, I know that sounds a bit cryptic but my real friends know what I mean.

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Little Bishy Barnabee





Little Bishy Barnabee
Went up a lovely Hazelnut Tree
To go and visit certain sunny spots
Where he was sure to find his missing dots
As he went up the first branch he found only one
And was wondering where all the other dots had gone
So he reached the top without finding anything but then
He went down the branches quick and suddenly at least had ten

A place of perfect peace

When I got lost in Cambridge I wandered around and lost in the silent streets I found a place of perfect peace and hearing that angelic voices in a chapel where the organ played sweet music and the smell of incense made a tear escape in pure devotion I just sat in awe and only after minutes I decided to take that one photograph to bring home so I could cherish that serene moment for the rest of my life.