A life long wish has come true today: the accepted request for reunion of two of the largest Reformed churches in Swampyland by the Reformed Synod.

It has divided the previous generations for decades, my aunts and uncles, cousins and it has been a cause for arguments, quarrel and even anger between them in my childhood.

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As close to heaven as you can get

This morning in church I heard angelic voices as I entered the gate of the house of God. And when I came in I heard music, a Clarinet and a Violin, it was so perfect that I felt as close to heaven as I can get.

This morning I heard bright strings of a Guitar sounding as little drops of dew that nearly made me cry and I felt as close to heaven as I can get. And there were drums, they guided my feet and made me march in to God’s heavenly presence.

But then there were the keys of the organ, they sounded as if there were beautiful flowers popping up on my path to grace, yes it made me feel as close to heaven as I can get. I looked up and said thank you Jesus.

We sang a beautiful song to thank the Lord. And the congregation said Amen.

A place of perfect peace

When I got lost in Cambridge I wandered around and lost in the silent streets I found a place of perfect peace and hearing that angelic voices in a chapel where the organ played sweet music and the smell of incense made a tear escape in pure devotion I just sat in awe and only after minutes I decided to take that one photograph to bring home so I could cherish that serene moment for the rest of my life.