Breakfast in the Castle

Breakfast in Meijepolder Castle is always fun. Cheerful and happy children making their lunch singing getting ready for school. They always close doors real quietly and I get hugs and kisses when they leave for school. Never ever do I have to tell them to hurry up and they never forget to clean the crumbs from the table or bring their plate and knifes and cups back to the kitchen. Everyone should wish they have such examples of fine children in their house that’s how well behaved they are. It was a pleasure again this morning I am telling you. It has made my day already.


StuckWhen I was seven I wanted to use one of the pans from the kitchen as a helmet to play soldiers outside but accidentally I got my head stuck in it as it went over my ears.

I can still remember the voices of adults sounded so weird from within that pan as they discussed how to solve this problem. We were staying at a large farm for a Summer Holiday and the farmer of that place had this brilliant idea to butter the brim and wiggle it back up from my head and it worked.

I have no idea how this anecdote popped up in my head now but it’s a funny story isn’t it?!

Gymnasium* no more

Anouk-Hears-Exam-ResultsI am so proud! Today my oldest daughter Anouk passed her exams. Say goodbye to Gymnasium*, WHOOHOOO!!!

Next step: University. So we can be proud again sometime. And in between as always. I love you girl.


We are now going to celebrate her diploma with a meal in Bella Torino, pizza for everyone, my treat no problem. I am too excited anyway to prepare Tea and the new oven arrived but it isn’t connected yet. Party time now!

* Gymnasium





meine-liebe-300x300Todays models for my photography are very special to me. Each of these little figures stands for a child that is most likely no longer with us. These tiny statues were made years ago by children in Uganda. Children that were or still are suffering from AIDS and HIV, Malaria or other horrible diseases.

They were once abandoned by their mothers and family and -if found in time- lovingly adopted by friends at Noah’s Ark that have provided a home for them. Today I want you to think about them as I do now. And maybe, if you have a little money left: donate.


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