When I was seven I wanted to use one of the pans from the kitchen as a helmet to play soldiers outside but accidentally I got my head stuck in it as it went over my ears.

I can still remember the voices of adults sounded so weird from within that pan as they discussed how to solve this problem together in the kitchen with me sitting on the table.

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The Railway Station

This picture is taken from platform no. 1 at the Railway Station last night. I went to school here in Amersfoort, the place where I live now. When I was a boy those fences on the right in the picture weren’t there and neither weren’t there any buildings. Just flat grass land and if you would look left from this spot you would see the warehouses and loading docks for Van Gend & Loos, a Dutch transport company that no longer exists nowadays.

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I remember I that I once as a child -out of sheer stubbornness- sat on the roof. I was eight or nine years old I think and I climbed out of the attic window because I didn’t want to eat Chicory. I loathed Chicory (I still do by the way).

My mum stood in the back garden, wearing her apron and waving a large ladle at me as if to cast a bad spell on me and she shouted frantically to me come down immediately but I didn’t, not before I made her promise not to smack me anyway.

She didn’t keep her promise.

The house where I grew up

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Along the dirt road

Years ago in the early 1990’s I lived in a little two bedroom bungalow along a dirt road in the country side of Swampyland. I was struggling to find a job and regarded as poor but I could always pay the bill for heating oil so I was ok I reckoned, albeit only just.

The Dutch were still paying each other in Guilders then, there was no Euro yet, people didn’t even know the word. There was a union of European countries, but normal people didn’t know about it or didn’t care. We just lived our peaceful lives in those days.

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Tube, Wireless, Turntable

I was very much into music when I was going to college, as all young people were in those days. There were these weekly leaflets in the record shop with the latest Top 40 and we bought our 45’s there using that list.

I can remember them oh so well, printed in black and red with an old-fashioned font they were also handed down during break time at school with the best hits encircled with a pencil or a felt pen.

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Memories in Technicolor

I love watching these old films. As a child we had this enormous Philips Colour Television made in Sweden.

We watched films like Doctor Zhivago, The Sound of Music, Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines, To Sir, With Love and all kinds of other lovely films that are now Classics.

That wonderful colour television is now long gone but I can still remember sitting there and watching it and if I close my eyes I can still smell the hot, orange glowing, dusty vacuum tubes in the back.

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No colour needed

A friend posted something on Facebook this morning and ended his post with: “carry on everyone”. What the post was about is about is not important, but it instantly brought back memories of long ago, happy memories from my childhood. So I just had to write these down today.

Outside the world is grey, cloudy and no sun. Which is why my blog post is titled: No colour needed.

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