Shoppinglist for eternity

When it is time for me to go to heaven
I will take all the time for searching
For those things I really, really want
To take with me when it’s time to go

But I won’t be needing anything there
And I will go there only with a clean heart
Since Jesus took away all my sins for good
So I won’t pack a bag or bring a lot

Yes, I will go there only with a clean heart
You can have my watch, my clothes, my stuff
Or any other thing you like to have from me
Take it, it is yours to keep for yourself

I will take my good mood however
And a sparkling bright singing voice
A strong voice just to praise the Lord
And plenty of energy for joy to eternity

I will not be taking anything else up to heaven
Since Jesus who took care of all I need
Is waiting for me there in the golden city
So I can leave everything behind down here