About a little baby boy

It is not about this brand new toy
It is not about those lovely lights
It is not about that delicious food
It is not about the shopping mall
It is not about mister Santa Claus
It is not about the Christmas tree
But this is all about the birth of that little baby boy

Yes it is about the newborn King
Yes it is about Jesus born for us
Yes it is about this Saviour come
Yes it is about the glorious Christ
Yes it is about a great Angels Choir
Yes it is about salvation for us all
It is about the Love for Him that we now must sing

Sing of great news for He gave us joy
Sing of the Love of our Christ the King
Sing of that you may embrace Him too
Sing of the Messiah who came to save all
Sing of news for those who don’t know Him
Sing of Heavenly Angels sing for the Holy Son
Now is the time to sing about the birth of a little baby boy