Gymnasium* no more

Anouk-Hears-Exam-ResultsI am so proud! Today my oldest daughter Anouk passed her exams. Say goodbye to Gymnasium*, WHOOHOOO!!!

Next step: University. So we can be proud again sometime. And in between as always. I love you girl.


We are now going to celebrate her diploma with a meal in Bella Torino, pizza for everyone, my treat no problem. I am too excited anyway to prepare Tea and the new oven arrived but it isn’t connected yet. Party time now!

* Gymnasium





meine-liebe-300x300My two oldest children are having their exams this and next week. The stress is almost visible in the room as they review their next exam over and over again. I remember taking my exams, I remember the tension and stress, the irritation and excitement.


In a week it will all be over for them and then they will have to wait for the outcome, that one important phone call. And I know how they feel, I took my exams three times. Three most important phone calls. Three times? Yes, three times, I will explain it to you.

Why? Because it cheers me up!

meine-liebe-300x300Yesterday was my regular infusion day. Normally the nurse arrives around nine but this time I got a telephone call saying she had to fly off to an emergency and that another nurse would be doing my infusion later that day.


She arrived eventually at half past one and then she couldn’t find a vein to work with so she applied the infusion to the back of my hand, in “the spare vein” so to speak. Spare nurse, spare vein, just my luck. So I finished my infusion later than usual at eight in the evening, I had a beer and went straight to bed.