A Sunday with friends

Remember I wrote about that morning we had English Breakfast with friends? This morning we were back together for coffee and a drink. And as usual it was yet another morning full of laughter and fun. It is so important to have friends that are just there for you and take you as you are. And boy, did we laugh again today.

Or, as in Mole’s very own wise words in The Willows at Christmas: “Friends are important!”.


A room with a view

Yesterday I had my infusion again. It was a rainy and stormy day, hail storms and dark grey skies all throughout the day. Since I had to stay on the couch till my infusion was done there wasn’t much to do but waiting. The world outside wasn’t hardly worth looking at. And in the midst of all that grey there was this rose in the middle of the room. So it was a room with a view after all.

I shake the dust from my feet

For years I have endured it and I won’t stand it any longer. You never seem to learn that spreading gossip is not the way. You don’t show love as you are supposed to do, remember what Jesus told you and live by it.

Attempts to justify your own lies, not just once but time and time again. I am sick of it! Trying to influence even my wife with your lies about me. Do you really think that would work???

Your hatred would be my downfall if I stay in your midst. I shake the dust from my feet and leave this place. I am fed up with your gossip and malicious talk. And you call yourself Christians? Shame on you!

Does this image scare you?

Last Friday it was delivery day for Nanogam. Every three weeks I get an infusion to supply the missing part of my blood, coming Friday I will have it again. This time instead of four badges there was only one and a letter in the box. It said:

“ Dear client, due to problems with the production of Nanogam we are unable to provide you with the expected four badges. Instead of this we have decided to provide only one so everyone will have the needed supply for this month. We do not know when normal delivery can be continued …”

Does this image scare you? It does scare me. Give blood! We need it. I need it. You need it. And some of us need it more than others. You can help and make a difference.

The image in this article has been replaced by a placeholder image in anticipation to EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Article 17 – Right to property becoming effective.

More information:

Sanquin Bloedvoorziening NL
NHS Blood and Transplant UK
Canadian Blood Services
American Red Cross

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They never seem to learn

I once wrote this poem, King of Gossip, Prince of Pain because I got fed up with the gossip and malicious lies I heard some people spreading about me in our church. But that was two years ago. Today I learned that those people are yet again spreading lies amongst brothers and sisters in our church. They never seem to learn!

King of Gossip, Prince of Pain

Your words are thorns of hate that sting,
And never once they speak of Love.
You hurt me with deceitful words,
Compassion ain’t your thing.

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Terra Cotta Temper Tantrum

Little LeonWhen I was a child I often blew my top in a fit when ever I got mad about something. And when that happened, my dad usually sent me off to the shed: “You go in there son to cool off! And you better not break any of those terra cotta flower pots in the back like you did last time!” And of course, speeding in there with a red mist in my eyes I went straight for the pots and smashed them at the wall, stamping my clogs on the pieces on the shed floor.

In most cases that did the trick, I calmed down almost instantly after that and was allowed to come back but only to hear my dad outside in a quasi-angry tone saying: “Thought I told you not to break any pots, didn’t I?” He could hardly contain himself and start laughing.

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A boring holiday in France

Vacances en France, a holiday journal



This is where we are going to tell you everything about our holiday. You can use a French accent to make it more fun to read out loud.


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Day 1 – Dimanche

The first day of our holiday to France: departure, six o’clock in the morning. We drove through Holland, Belgium and France for 10 solid hours. The wind howled around the mounts of the roof case on the car, a Fiat Multipla. Besides that it is the most ugly car human kind has ever invented throughout history, it is also a very noisy car. We had a break for breakfast and then for a pee and then for lunch and then one for a pee again. And it rained. In the evening we got lost finding our hotel. We went to the police station to ask for directions. On the floor at the police station was a white stripe with the word ‘derrière’ on it. It means ‘arse’ in English. Anouk speaks very good French, almost like a native French woman really. It did help us humongously to communicate with the locals but the police man and police woman didn’t know either where the hotel was, that’s how obscure this little hotel really was. It wasn’t called Bonsaï Hotel for nowt you know, very difficult to find. When a police man in France says « Toutes directions » it means « Whatever road you take ». And when we found the little hotel eventually we were very dissapointed, it was a real dump. The WiFi internet was for free however. We then decided to go look for a restaurant nearby and found ‘Del Arte’, an Italian restaurant. The only Italian thing about this restaurant was a picture of Al Capone on the wall. I had a large vase with Heineken Lager and Lasagne and the kids had a charcoaled pizza. It is nine o’clock in the evening now and I’m going to sleep. Nothing happened. Utterly boring.


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Why do cab drivers call you guvnor?

For those who know me well enough, I have a soft spot for England. I have lived there for years and quite contently if I may say so.

One thing I always wondered is when you’re in the back of a cab, the driver always calls you ‘guvnor’ (governor). I never asked them why. My friends didn’t know the answer when I asked them and Google doesn’t provide an answer either.

So this morning I decided to write a spontaneous E-mail to Addison Lee. And they answered promptly.

Dear Leendert,

Thanks for your email.

I haven’t a scooby about the origin of the word but Guvnor is British slang for Boss. So for example if asked “Where to Guvnor?” or “Where to Guv’?” basically means where would you like to go Boss. A bit like the driver is confirming that you are in charge and he is at your disposal.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


So now I know. One less mystery.