Feeding my family

meine-liebe-300x300I have four lovely children, Anouk (18), Niels (16), Liset (14) and Joris (10). They grow up fast and lately they have been complaining there is not enough food on the table at tea time.

I usually have the same amount of food for every meal and when they complained I decided to make 50 % extra for each meal from now on. For example, instead of just over 1 kilogram of peeled potatoes I now made at least 1.5 kilogram. Or rice, or pasta. And likewise for vegetables and meat.

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Miracles do happen

meine-liebe-300x300Years ago I had severe problems with my lungs and due to years of pneumonia and being chronically ill my lung capacity had been reduced. To find out the extend of the damage I was sent to a hospital for research and checks and having yet again survived another pneumonia this was a hard thing for me to do.

This is where they put you in an air tight glass booth with a peg on your nose and a nozzle in your mouth to measure several aspects of the lungs. Day one passed with endless flow tests using different irritating substances such as ammonia to irritate the lungs and then measure air volume, oxygen absorption, capacity and other things.

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