California Beach Bum

It was a hot day
At the beach
With all my friends
Bums, each
One got his hands on
This mighty spliff
And he asked me
To take a whiff
But the moment
I toked it up
Cops came busting
And made me stop
This is the story
Of my fate
That when I want it
It is too late
Always the same
Oh I am so lame

It is time

It is time to wind up the clock
Or it will make the time stop
Put your money in an old sock
Under the mattress before sleep
And the dog is walked and fed
We must now close this shop
Turn the key in the old lock
Blow out the candle and creep
Up the stairs and go to bed



Hurry up Hillbilly

If yo’all now want to make it to the dance in town on time
Park the Tractor over yonder
Get your Cowboy boots on comb your hair
Put them Taters behind the barn they’re muddy

There’s a Hee Ha Band coming beer ’s a dollar and a dime
Put your Stetson on your head
Hit the pedal of your pick up truck
Let them eat your dust and happy trails buddy


I have a lot of caring friends
They e-mail me all the time to tell
That I should lose some weight
20 Lbs a week or even 30 if I’m lucky
And if I use their products this or that
I might get a date with their friend Holly
Or Kelly, or Debby, Libby, Emily, Kitty, Lucy or Melody
They must know me pretty well


When I turned the knob on my old tube radio
The needle on the dial slowly went from left to right
First Prag then to Stavanger, off to Sundsvall, Riga and Munich

And while the noise of places in between us could be heard
I was sure I heard a faint women’s voice coming from the speakers

I love you, you love me, love me, if you love me
Please come here and save me from this distant place
A thousand miles from you is where I am across that dial
Come and rescue me, rescue me, rescue me, love me, love me

The Court Jester

When the Court Jester
Told them a hilarious joke at the expense of the King
He shouted out in rage
Behead the little fester
But the poor man cried
Please no your Majesty
Jokes about a rolling head are really not my thing

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