English Breakfast

English Breakfast today with friends.

Honey, when I say “I bring home the bacon.” I do mean I bring home the bacon, 1.5 pounds to be precise, three tins of Baked Beans, half a pound of Mushrooms, 18 eggs, 30 sausages and three loafs of white bread for toast. But it was just a little investment in a great friendship that hopefully will last for years and years to come. And boy, did we laugh today.


I must have been 12 years old I think when I saw this image in the sky for a split second on my way to school and they said I was one penny short for a pound ‘up there in my piggy bank’ when I told my friends at school that day. Later in life I discovered that is was an F-117A Nighthawk when I saw a documentary on Discovery a few years ago. So there, I wasn’t barmy after all and there are no UFO’s.

Todo list for Heaven

For years now I have been suffering from Asthma and many times of a Pneumonia. One thing that kept me going for all these years is my faith in God. Praying to Him when having a difficult time breathing was one big shove forward to get me back on my feet and move on. For all the things I can not do anymore on earth with my body -except for praising the Lord-, I long desperately to do them when I go to heaven.

So here is my Todo list for Heaven …

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