On my way to church

meine-liebe-300x300Over the last weeks I haven’t been quite happy for multiple reasons but I won’t bother you with that again. And to those whom I brushed off in the past days, I apologise. I shouldn’t have been so harsh on you and I am sorry.

Yesterday I had my regular infusion so for the next days I will be recuperating and be getting back on my feet. And I need to be a little more happy I think.

Water Lane, Little Plumstead

One thing that always works for me is to look back on parts of my life when I was healthy, young and happy. Memories of a time when I was young and free and the world laid out as a beautiful patchwork in front of me, with numerous colours and places for me to choose from. So today I will tell you about a memory of a time when I used to take the train to church in Cambridge.

Norwich Thorpe railway station

At that time I was living in England and I worked as a nursing assistant in a hospital for mentally challenged people in a place called Little Plumstead. One day someone told me there was a nice church in Cambridge and that I might be interested in going there sometime. And so I did. But getting there turned out to be quite an adventure, I had to go on my pushbike to the city, Norwich, and take the train from there and change at Ely. It would take considerable time so I had to get up really early to be in church on time.

Norwich Thorpe railway station

And so, on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning I went. The morning sky was still hazy, the sun was up for only half an hour or so. I cycled along country roads with names like Hare Road, Broad Lane and Toad lane, names that triggered my imagination. Yes, in that country I was the sole and proud bicycle rider! And arriving at the train station the smell of Diesel the first thing I noticed. It was a long journey to Cambridge and it took me along the most beautiful places and meadows, a forest and numerous animals. Norfolk cows, birds of prey, foxes, a deer, sheep, cats and dogs. And all along the rail track people in their best clothes going to church, I loved looking at them, however briefly they passed by.

Norwich – Cambridge

Changing at Ely was a pleasant interjection of the journey, I remember the repeating “Tickets please!” coming from a booth at the entrance side of the platform. And then the last part, on my guard not to miss Cambridge station. In Cambridge on my pushbike again: Station Road, Bateman Street, Fenn Causeway, Northampton Road, Cockcroft Place. Church. Nice people, beautiful hymns, lovely food. All day long.


Leendert van Gemeren

Dit ben ik, Leendert. Ik ben een beetje ouderwets en houd van dingen die geweest zijn, bijvoorbeeld oude Engelse series op TV zoals All Creatures Great And Small, mechanische horloges, bifocale brillen en oude langspeelplaten. Ik houd niet van moderne dingen en werk regelmatig aan een ouderwetse modelspoorbaan. Ik volg Jezus en schrijf mijn gedichten soms ook over Hem maar ik schrijf ook verhalen over het leven. Excentriek. Op feestjes ben ik vaak te vinden in de keuken.

This is me, Leendert. I am a little bit old-fashioned and I love things from the past, old series like All Creatures Great And Small, mechanical wristwatches, bi-focal glasses and vinyl records for example. I am not keen on modern things and I often work on this old style model railway. I follow Jesus and sometimes write a poem about Him but I also write about my life. Eccentric. You can often find me in the kitchen at parties.

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