The World Lock Down of 2020

250 Years later …

My great great grandfather was a poet and writer in The Netherlands during the World Lock Down of 2020 when the Corona pandemic took place. He wrote poetry in Dutch and English and stories about his life when he was a bit older, here’s a picture of him in his fourties.

The entire world wrote history too in those days of The World Lock Down of 2020 when they were ordered to stay indoors for over a year and stay well clear of each other in public places in every country in the world and face masks were compulsory. In those days the global Corona crisis took more than a million and people all over the world were mourning their beloved family members that died because of this highly contagious virus that originated from China. More than 34 million people became ill from the Covid-19 virus.

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In my own words.

It is very difficult to explain the feeling of intense fear of death to others when you are right in the middle of this Corona crisis and left with virtually no protection against the virus.

Having no functioning immune system has been manageable over the last 10 years until now but even the regular infusions of Nanogam will not protect me against the powerful pathogene that is slowly creeping towards me according to the numbers and locations in the news.

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I love living in this large city in The Netherlands called Amersfoort. I have no regrets whatsoever that we moved here a little over two years ago. But traffic in this place is frightening, especially when you drive a mopedcar. Only just recently I got used to going round the outer ring road and I am no longer nervous up to a point that it’s disturbing and I can cope with rush hour too now.

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Breaker! Breaker!

Never thought I would do this again but I just ordered the second CB in my life.

The first CB I owned was a solid Midland Alan 48 which I used to order food from the 17th floor in a flat building I lived in before I got married or talk for a few minutes to the occasional trucker on a highway nearby when the reception was good.

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Winding Routes

A little over a year ago I set up a Dutch website with safe routes for people with a moped car, which is Winding Routes if you translate it into English and it’s based on the Winding Routes setting in the TomTom satnav. There’s loads of information and news about moped cars on it too. You can read more about it in English on the About page at the website.

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I think I told you about owning an industrial strength sewing machine as a youngster a few weeks ago, didn’t I? I used to make leather wallets, bible covers and other things with it. I made a brown leather pencil case once, a big one with a big zipper.

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Baggy Trousers

When I was going to college this was a massive hit and everyone was wearing them, baggy trousers. I was the only one wearing a straight pair of corduroy trousers, too skinny, too short as we often couldn’t afford new clothes.

So I made myself a pair of baggy trousers on my Singer sewing machine from a pattern of crispy paper that was given to me and thick grey corduroy fabric for which I saved up allowance and did chores.

Oh and I just remembered, I used to make leather wallets and bible covers on that sewing machine which I sold to church members, that’s how I earned a few quit too then.