Mister Elephant has a cold

Oh help, help! Mister Elephant has a cold!
Please tell him where the medicine is sold

He blew his nose all birds were gone
He blew his nose in an enormous hanky

Chasing off eleven Zebras in the park
And in the waiting room at the doctor’s

He blew away the wall with one sneeze
He blew away doc’s assistant in one go

Oh help, help! Mister Elephant has a cold!
Please tell him where the medicine is sold

Doctor Spoonbill wanted to stuck a needle in his butt

He blew off the curtains with one shout
He blew off the table that giant spout

Doctor Spoonbill, Mister Elephant has a cold!
Would you tell him where the medicine is sold

Needle on the edge

Put the needle on the edge
O please I need cheering up
Put the needle on the edge
Play that record that I love
I got the needle in my vein
Yes it hurts so much I need
Music to heal my sorry soul
Put that record on the pin
Just a few hours more and
Then it is done for now so
Make a record sing for me
Put the needle on the edge
Because I need this miracle
I need this sickness healing
Put the needle on the edge

Rhino Whino

In a Zoo far from here there was this sad and lonely fat White Rhino
Who was ever so desperate for a chat with a voluptuous male friend
But hearing that the last man passed away she then thought, I know
Without another humongously big soulmate this will be the very end
I might as well turn now into an enormous and very grumpy Whino

The image in this article has been replaced by a placeholder image in anticipation to EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Article 17 – Right to property becoming effective.

Double Dutch

When you are Dapper in England, you are smartly dressed but in The Netherlands, you are a brave young man and the Dutch will find you Stoer.
Now if you go to Sweden Stoer will make you Big, a giant.
And taking a Kip in Holland will certainly make you go to jail,  except when you escape to Great Britain, you will fall asleep.
In our country they will call you Hufter but the Swedish say it’s Hip in English.
So be careful when you say it’s Double Dutch, coz’ when we speak the foreign lingo, we know twice as much.

Lost & Found

When I saw you, you looked into my eyes
Just a second, a second in the crowd
You were gone, gone forever from my life
But I wanted, yes I wanted you so
We saw the love, love in each others heart
It was glowing, glowing from longing

Oh I wanted you, yes I wanted you so much
I was looking, looking for your love
You were lost, I lost you and found you again
And I will never, never let you go

I once had eye contact with a beautiful girl, just a split second and then she was gone. It took me three years to find her again. I married her and now, 22 years later, we’re still in love.