Weighing Ollie

It has been some time since we put Ollie on a scale so this morning after the thunder storms were gone we went on a little trip to Welkoop in Bunschoten which is a place nearby and it’s easy to get there in my moped car with Ollie in the back.

Ollie behaved himself very well during the trip and I put the windows down to give him a whiff of the surroundings in the country side. Ollie likes to sniff out the air when we pass a farm , he just loves the smell of farm animals for some reason only known to himself and other dogs. So he put his nose up in the air and we both smelled the cows haha!

What a great shop!

Once we arrived he was as good as Golden Retriever again, staying inside the car until I told him to walk the plank and he even sat down so I could take a picture of him for his social media accounts.

But as soon as we entered the store Ollie started to jump around, pull his lead, sniff a thousand things and he wanted to run through every aisle in the shop which I didn’t want to go in to. So I had to restrain him just a little to calm him down, there’s a ring halfway his leash that I can hold to keep him near me. Not that he was misbehaving, quite the opposite really but he got so excited that he lost himself a little. Thank God keeping him on the short leash helped to him calm down and we had loads of fun weighing him and finding treats for Puppy Training this evening.

(Generated English translation)

They were ever so friendly to Ollie, the people working in that shop and it sure helped when they came to the rescue with treats to get Ollie to sit still on the scale. One of them offered to take the picture you see above, Ollie instantly liked her and he even got a little discount for good behaviour.

Weighing Ollie = weighing food

Today Ollie is exactly 6 months old and he weighs 3 stone and 9.8 lbs which is good for a Golden Retriever his age. It’s also a good moment to recalculate the weight of his meals, there’s a table for that which you can see below. Bear in mind it’s only a general guideline for dry Puppy food, always check the bag for a table of the food of your choice.

AgeAmount of food per day (1 cup = 8oz)
8 weeks1 – 1.5 cups
12 – 16 weeks1.5 – 2 cups
4 – 5 months2 – 2.5 cups
5 – 6 months2.5 – 3 cups
6 – 12 months3 – 4 cups
Golden Retriever Puppy Feeding Table

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