Run Ollie, run!

Some time ago a an with a dog asked me if Ollie was getting enough exercise and if I would take him on a long walk regularly. He asked me because he was curious how we would deal with that since our Living Room was on the first floor. Ok mister, none of your Beeswax really, how we go about it but in general it is a good question that I must admit.

So how much should a Puppy walk each day?

At the time the question was asked, Ollie was about four months old. As a rule for exercise you go out once or twice a day for a longer walk, say 20 minutes or so, giving the Puppy time to find a good place to squat for P&P. In general you may want to add five minutes for each month of age from there. Before they’re four months old just look and listen to your Puppy as he or she will indicate when it’s had enough. Does that answer your question Mister Busybody?

Lots of exercise

Besides the long walks we take Ollie for outside, he’s constantly moving inside the Living Room and we play with Ollie to give him some extra exercise and excitement. He loves it, just look at him.

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