Practice with a plank

Exercise with Ollie

Jumping is not allowed. Puppies need to be protected against themselves and they shouldn’t jump a lot. Same goes for walking up or down the stairs and climbing into the boot of a car, their little hips are not ready for that.

The other week we bought a ramp for Ollie so he could walk into the car by himself, my back isn’t suitable to carry him so it was necessary. So now we practice with Ollie so he can do this by himself, it’s then when you find out he’s a bit afraid, like a child really. You need to teach a dog how to do these things with a lot of patience.

And yesterday when we came back from the market and I wanted to lead him down that ramp he fell off and now we have to start all over again. But he’s learning and almost ready to do this on his own.

Oh just look at him! Isn’t he adorable?!

Where to buy this?

We bought a Trixie 3942 Petwalk Ramp which is sold by a company in Germany. It measures approximately 15 by 40 inches and can carry dogs up to 7 stones and 12 pounds in weight.

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