• Don’t Panic!

    Don’t Panic!

    This week Christa has some time off work so we go places and have fun and relax. She doesn’t have to worry about work, it’ll be there waiting for her next week in the same state as she left it. So we took Ollie to the Beach again.

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  • BALLS!!!


    I love balls! I love the colour, the fact that they’re chewy, they’re green, they can bounce and make a funny thumping noise on the floor when they do, how they smell, it’s actually the first word a Puppy learns to WOOF! and need I go on here?

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  • Cream Crackered

    Cream Crackered

    It’s Friday. Not that I have a knowledge of days of the week but I heard my Boss say that word so that’s how I know. Except for a couple of P&P moments (Pee and Poo) I stayed indoors as I am cream crackered.

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  • Born to swim

    Golden Retrievers are born Swimmers, everybody knows that. No one taught us how to do it, from the moment we’re born, we can. And combined with retrieving things, hence our Family Name: give us a soft ball at the beach and we are in Paradise.

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  • A Milestone? Three Milestones!

    A Milestone? Three Milestones!

    Today we took Ollie to the Scale in the Pet Shop slash Garden Centre. Goes without saying he shot out of the back of the car and jumped around in circles at the parking lot as soon as he saw the entrance.

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  • Sir Sleep-A-Lot

    Sir Sleep-A-Lot

    The Boss sometimes calls me Sir Sleep-A-Lot, probably because I sleep a lot. Personally, I would rather say I take a lot of naps. I may appear to be sleeping but I’m a dog, I could just be lying still and pretend I am asleep but I have my eyes half open.

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  • Fun with the Boss

    Of course I am not allowed to jump on the Boss his legs when he’s in his Lazy Chair but sometimes it just happens, doesn’t it?! Today it was a cold and rainy day so I decided the Boss needed a bit of warmth.

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  • Walkies

    Yesterday the weather was what Humans call Atrocious, I have no clue what it means but for me it looked like a perfect moment to go out for a Pee and take advantage of the situation by dragging my Boss with the low voice along to A Place Somewhere Nice.

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  • The Mop is my Enemy

    The Mop is my Enemy and whenever it get’s near me I have to attack it. As for any other Household material that can be dragged along the floor with a stick. Vacuum Cleaners! Vacuum Cleaners are the same, it’s not as if I have a choice.

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  • A new Collar

    Today we went out together, the Boss and me, to buy a new Collar. And I needed to be weighed. So we went to the Pet & Garden Centre which was great fun.

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