• How to avoid Wet Dog Perfume

    How to avoid Wet Dog Perfume

    The French call it Parfum Chien Mouillé and it is certainly something you don’t want to drive back home with from a walk in the park, Wet Dog Perfume is not a picnic.

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  • Weighing at Welkoop

    Weighing at Welkoop

    As the Big Boss was worried if I still get enough food in a day, we went to the Welkoop Pet Shop nearby in Bunschoten to put me on the scale today. That might have something to do with the trick I played on him yesterday when I fancied a midday snack.

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  • Mud! I love Mud!

    Mud! I love Mud!

    Just as much I love playing with Balls at the Beach in Summer and take it for a swim, I love Mud in Autumn after days of rain.

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  • Sniffari


    Yes, that’s right, the Big Boss has stickers all over his little moped car but there wasn’t one for me on it yet. And as a surprise, a Dog On Board Decal came in the mail this morning, all the way from Italy! No idea who sent it but anyways, here it is, my very own Dog On Board Paw on the rear window.

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  • Mum’s the word

    Mum’s the word

    So today is the day, Mum is coming. And she’s staying. Last time I saw my Mum was on the 14th this month at the Siblings Reunion with my Siblings. She’s not here yet, I just checked.

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  • Siblings Reunion

    Siblings Reunion

    We had loads of fun. And we got dirty. Isn’t that what being a Golden Retriever is all about? This Saturday we had a Siblings Reunion at the grounds of Groeneveld Castle. Luckily for us our Bosses let us run free and we had a blast wrestling each other in every mud filled pool of water

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  • World Animal Day 2023

    World Animal Day 2023

    Today the world celebrated ehm, eh … us. World Animal Day 2023. Ok, this was not just my day, all the hamsters, horses, rats and even cats had a blast too. A lot of us went to the local Pet Shop for a special treat, festivities or to take part in a Sniffari.

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  • Home Alone with the Boss

    Home Alone with the Boss

    Today is one of those rare days that everyone is gone and the Boss and I are Home Alone. I knew it this morning when the Boss with the high voice left when it was still dark and left the lights and music on. And then Young Boss took off on his bicycle minutes later.

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  • Ollie gets a Dog Tag

    Ollie gets a Dog Tag

    Every respectable Golden Retriever has one -well, that’s what Ollie thinks-, one off those nice and shiny Dog Tags with your name on it. Just the other day when he was socialising out in the street het sniffed one on a collar twice and they were both Golden Retrievers like him so I know he has a keen interest in those things.

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  • Puppy Training

    Puppy Training

    Yesterday evening I had Puppy Training and although I really wanted to be at my utmost best behaviour I just couldn’t help myself and got the runarounds or the Zoomies as young Boss usually calls it.

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