Killing it

Besides retrieving stuff us Golden Retrievers are also good in other things, like killing for example. But since we are kept as Household Pets nowadays, killing isn’t much of an option anymore so we need to practice another way.

I have two favourite Toys, Mr Duck (a l’Orange, esq.) and Olliephant. And sometimes when I feel like it, they’re getting it: I must kill them. Luckily for me these two little friends of mine can handle my ‘love’ for them alright and I am pretty sure they’ll survive for another two or three months til I am done with them (I do love them to bits not to worry).

That is, if the Boss will fix them for me in the mean time.

As you can see the Big Boss knows how to handle needle and thread like a professional, he once learned to do that at Home Economics College he just told me. Not that I care, I just want my toys back. Now! Grrrr!

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