How to avoid Wet Dog Perfume

The French call it Parfum Chien Mouillé and it is certainly something you don’t want to drive back home with from a walk in the park, Wet Dog Perfume is not a picnic.

Remember I wrote about that afternoon we spent some time in a lovely forest nearby? Ollie just loved mud and he loves a lot of it! But who wants Wet Dog Perfume in his (or her) car after a walk with the dog in a muddy forest in Autumn? Or going back home from an hour of Dog Beach in Summer? Well, after all, you also take home the Parfum Chien Mouillé with your dog in the rear.

But someone in Poland has found the perfect solution for that, the Aristar Guardliner, a rubber mat made to fit the trunk of just about any brand and type of car. I took the test and ordered one to try out from the Carmager webshop in Poland. Unfortunately this webshop is not available in English but there are loads of other languages to choose from. So if you speak a foreign language, just pick one that you are good at. I chose Dutch for my test. And Google Translate does a good job if you really want English. You may send any questions you have in English though to their e-mail address

Paying was easy and secure with PayPal®, we paid €53.90 for this mat, including shipping and packaging costs. It took a while (this webshop sends parcels with GLS from depot to depot) but today the mat was delivered neatly to our home in the Netherlands. Time from order to delivery: 9 days.

This mat does fit meticulously in the back of my Ligier JS60 and I am surprised how good it fitted along the sides of the rear of my little car.

It’s just that we smelt it immediately on opening the packaging: the smell of open fire, apparently a fire had raged near the shop’s stock in Poland. Funnily enough not an unpleasant smell but much like a cosy wood fire, our Ollie immediately loved it and lay down on the mat and sniffed it everywhere. If we have to choose between Wet Dog and Wood Fire we choose the latter. Ollie is a happy customer, we are too and that’s all that matters. Right?

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