Hello Ollie!

Today Ollie arrived. We had been looking forward to this moment so much as a family and we were all so excited! We never had a dog before and now after years of avoiding the dog subject we finally were going to add Ollie as an extra family member they all wanted so much. So I yielded to the begging (and extortion) of the others in this house, I never wanted a dog you know. But now, this is different, I am addicted to this furry bundle of joy.

Look at him, he is so cute! Little high pitched barks and jumping all the time in the play pen we set up for him, just adorable!

Now he’s after my hands in this little video and for a good reason. This afternoon when he arrived I was just cutting meat, Lamb for our Tea this evening. As I was carefully cutting out out the streaks of white fatty tissue I already laid some aside which I cut up in dices awaiting his arrival. So when he entered the kitchen I squatted in front of him and gave him a few little bits and he got wild, no surprise he loves Lamb!

They say when you give a dog love and fresh meat he will be your best friend forever and I am pretty sure this has made an everlasting impression in his little puppy life, something he will never forget.

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