Don’t Panic!

This week Christa has some time off work so we go places and have fun and relax. She doesn’t have to worry about work, it’ll be there waiting for her next week in the same state as she left it. So we took Ollie to the Beach again, for a swim and a long walk in the sun.

Now, since we’re both in charge of Ollie during the day this can be a little confusing: whilst I normally use the harness rather than the collar and always pick the red leash it is Christa’s habit to take the blue collar and long black lead to walk Ollie outside.

Since I already had started the car and was sitting in the front I let Christa deal with Ollie in the back, I was unaware of the fact she accidentally used ‘her’ black leash giving Ollie way more room to move around in the back than he should have.

Panic in the back!

Somehow along the way Ollie -who was happily moving around in the allowed space behind us- got tangled up in the leash and started panicking, Jumping in Christa’s neck, barking and getting really agitated! And I shouted Don’t panic! which only added more fuel to the fire I think but luckily we were on a deserted country road so I moved to the side quickly and stretched my leg on the brake pedal and Christa jumped out and opened the back. Poor Ollie was completely wrapped up in the leash but we got him out of his awkward situation immediately of course.

From now on we’ll be more aware of how we’re leaving the house with him and we’ll use the harness and red leash in the car, it’s the only safe way.

Oh just look at him, he’s as good as gold

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