Cream Crackered

It’s Friday. Not that I have a knowledge of days of the week but I heard my Boss say that word so that’s how I know. Except for a couple of P&P moments (Pee and Poo) I stayed indoors as I am cream crackered. Being a Dog I would have preferred to say knackered but apparently I cannot use that word on a decent Dog Blog on the internet.

Now, when you’re indoors during the day and you just finished your two-and-a-half hour-or-so morning sleep you need some distraction to kill the time for the rest of the day. So I decided to give the Boss a little love -just a little- and I tried to jump on his lap to tell him I wanted a cuddle which was a great idea as he was working -sort of- and needed a break too.

My Motto is: If I say I can sit on your lap, I can and as you can see I did. Now, to get his full and undivided attention I needed him to put his laptop away so I slowly moved myself up on his legs, works like a charm. Until it was time for Lunch we had Quality Time together and it was time for Grub and a Kip. See?

We had a Kip together, he put his chair down flat and snored, I cuddled up next to him and sort of half listened to the Clock ticking and dozed off as well.

It’s an hour after Tea and I am yet again in deep sleep, still haven’t recovered from not just one but two afternoons at the Dog Beach running around and swimming with the other dogs. I met a distant Cousin there, Zoe. She’s a Labrador Retriever and I think she’s nice. Maybe we will meet again some day.

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