Being a Good Boy

As a surprise the Big Boss took me for a trip to the Welkoop Pet Shop to be weighed and on our way there we agreed I should behave at my utmost best because there would be other dogs today as well, big ones too.

I did my best to sit still on the large Scale in the shop and I now weigh 31.70 Kilograms, (that’s nearly 4 stone and 14 lbs in ‘Old Money’). I’ve grown a lot after the last time I got weighed, my collar is too tight now and my fur was getting in a tangle. Time to pick a new collar! So I chose this bright red Collar for Grown Up Dogs that -luckily for me- the Boss fancied too.

The people that work there love me and I love them too, I get treats all the time and I show them love by doing the tricks exactly as I’m told and I wag my tail a lot.

Back home I showed them all my new collar and acted silly for a few minutes.

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