• Home Alone with the Boss

    Home Alone with the Boss

    Today is one of those rare days that everyone is gone and the Boss and I are Home Alone. I knew it this morning when the Boss with the high voice left when it was still dark and left the lights and music on. And then Young Boss took off on his bicycle minutes later. […]

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  • Ollie gets a Dog Tag

    Ollie gets a Dog Tag

    Every respectable Golden Retriever has one -well, that’s what Ollie thinks-, one off those nice and shiny Dog Tags with your name on it. Just the other day when he was socialising out in the street het sniffed one on a collar twice and they were both Golden Retrievers like him so I know he […]

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  • Puppy Training

    Puppy Training

    Yesterday evening I had Puppy Training and although I really wanted to be at my utmost best behaviour I just couldn’t help myself and got the runarounds or the Zoomies as young Boss usually calls it. I soon calmed down as that silly fur ball with black spots from Down Under started to laugh at […]

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  • Weighing Ollie

    Weighing Ollie

    It has been some time since we put Ollie on a scale so this morning after the thunder storms were gone we went on a little trip to Welkoop in Bunschoten which is a place nearby and it’s easy to get there in my moped car with Ollie in the back. Ollie behaved himself very […]

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  • Run Ollie, run!

    Run Ollie, run!

    Some time ago a an with a dog asked me if Ollie was getting enough exercise and if I would take him on a long walk regularly. He asked me because he was curious how we would deal with that since our Living Room was on the first floor. Ok mister, none of your Beeswax […]

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  • Cuddles


    Saturday is for Cuddles, it’s a well known fact in the Dog World and whispered on to every next generation of Golden Retrievers and every Puppy is taught by their Mother how to get Cuddles.

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  • Bored

    One of those days again. Big Boss is having a treatment again so he can’t go for a walk with me and the Beach is off limits as there’s blue-green Algae in the water which makes me itch and feel sick.

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  • Escapades


    This morning when I woke up I had every intention to make mischief and guess what: I did. First I sat next to the Dinner Table which is not allowed and I was told off and send away.

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  • Killing it

    Killing it

    Not a lot happened today as it is Saturday and I am keeping myself busy. What can I say: sometimes it’s necessary to blow off steam so the Elephant gets it now. Yeah!

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  • Busy day, sleep now

    Busy day, sleep now

    Today I had a busy day as I went to see the Vet first and then my Bosses took me out for a walk and a run on some sort of beach. You see, The other day I have bitten my tail.

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