Wired for sound

One thing I do not like is when people are trying to be funny at the expense of me, and boy do they like that over here in Swampyland!

They usually try to hit you at your weak spot, in my case I have two: 1. I drive a moped car instead of a ‘normal’ car and 2. I have hearing aids.

Over the past years my friends and family have sent me numerous pictures of moped cars involved in a crash and asked me if it was me? Fucking funny of course excuse my language, I hate it when they do that and I take it as a personal insult if they do such a thing. People have been unfriended on Facebook for doing that you know.

And then it’s these hearing aids I use. Why on earth do people think it’s funny that as soon as the subject hearing aids comes up they respond with “WHAT?” instead of a normal answer in a conversation? That’s another insult.

Anyway, I had them repaired this morning, they replaced the speakers on them and adjusted the audio program after an audiogram. When you talk to me I can now respond again with a correct answer and join in a conversation in a normal manner. With respect to the person who is talking to me at that moment as it has always been the case when you talk to me.

If you can’t do the same to me you may need to have your head examined as you may have some wires crossed.