Why? Because it cheers me up!

Yesterday was my regular infusion day. Normally the nurse arrives around nine but this time I got a telephone call saying she had to fly off to an emergency and that another nurse would be doing my infusion later that day.

She arrived eventually at half past one and then she couldn’t find a vein to work with so she applied the infusion to the back of my hand, in “the spare vein” so to speak. Spare nurse, spare vein, just my luck. So I finished my infusion later than usual at eight in the evening, I had a beer and went straight to bed.

So today is a day to recuperate and get rid of the headache. My arm will hurt for a day or two and on Monday I will feel¬†better. I keep myself occupied by playing vinyl, thus having to move away from the couch every twenty minutes or so to turn the record or choose another one, keep my body moving. My favourite LP’s being The Wall by Pink Floyd and the other week I bought Love over gold, Dire Straits. Vinyl? Really? I can hear you saying. Yes, vinyl I say. Why? Because it cheers me up!