Who’s turn is it for the next round?

Ladies and Gentlemen and other Creatures, who’s turn is it for the next round? Remember I told you a little while ago about the Pub Clock that I own and it succumbed to wear and tear? Well, it turns out that this particular story isn’t finished yet.

When I told one of my best friends about it and he read the story on my website he decided that this should in no way be the end of that old Pub Clock. So he started searching in his network and found a proper Clock Maker. This person, retired now, has ample knowledge of old clockworks as he was in that trade his whole life until he reached the age of 65 and started to enjoy his pension.

But as he can’t really let go of his old profession he occasionally does a little job for friends and family who still own an old-fashioned watch or mechanical clock. He normally doesn’t do anything for a friend of a friend but as this friend of mine is one of his best friends too he decided in my favour. So, the clock is coming back.

Weird thing is that once it went missing from the living room wall everyone in my household would look at the large screw in the wall where it once had hung to look at the time but not finding it there alas. Well, it’s exactly where that expression came from isn’t it? People usually say “Look at the time!” except in this case it wasn’t to be found exactly there.

Is it lunch time? I don’t know. Are the green beans done? I don’t know. Will you not forget your appointment with the dentist? I don’t know. I. DON’T KNOW!!! A lot of things go wrong when there is no device to tell you it’s time for the inevitable events in your life, a given time for everything is essential.

But fear not, in due time the time will be restored in the living room and the antique Pub Clock will once again show you the steady pace of my life like the director of an orchestra, tick tock, tick tock not too fast now and … wait for it … yes now! Once, two, three, four chimes, time to tell the time, it’s four o’clock! Time for tea! And it will finish every day again with a majestic grand finale in twelve strikes. Curtains!

Who’s turn is it for the next round then? Never mind, it’s on the house.

One thought on “Who’s turn is it for the next round?

  1. Coming Saturday (26th of February) we will try to test the old screw in the wall at my friend Leenderts’ house. Is it still strong enough to bear the heavy weight of the old Pub Clock 🙂

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