When my children fight

Over the past years there has been a lot of arguments about gay rights and the opinion many Christians have about homosexuality. And then there are those who think it is fair to oppress the meaning of Christians by openly attacking them on their views. Which is why I want to write my blog about equal rights today.

First: gay = human, Christian = human and they both are equally human. Now that is clarified I want to elaborate on those equal rights with an example.

When my children engage in a word fight (or a real fight for that matter) I usually set them both straight and first tell them to ignore each other for a little while. I also tell them, at a later stage when both are cooled down, that they are entitled to their respective and different opinion as long as they don’t fight about it and respect one another. And then I let them shake hands. I strongly believe that everyone -and here I stress the point: regardless believe or way of life or different opinion- has the right to be heard but also, and I believe that just as much, respect other’s opinion.

But I also believe that when you make yourself strong for your rights, in this case gay rights, you should still respect a different opinion. What would life be if you proclaim equal rights for gays and still at the same time deny the right to express yourself to Christians? Are they lesser people? Are gays better than Christians? Should Christians be denied a voice and should gays be granted that same voice? Based on what law are we to stop anyone from speaking their mind as long as we respect each other? There is no difference in right for anyone. Like I said, gay = human, christian = human. And I think all humans have exactly the same rights.

So before anyone should get himself on a soap box and become really agitated about gay rights and using arguments to shut up Christians, or that you are a christian and start to shout in anger to gays about their way of life, you both should be set straight and told to ignore each other. And then you should shake hands, you don’t have to agree with each other as long as you respect the other’s opinion and stop fighting. And that works both ways, equally. Equal rights.

God’s children shouldn’t fight, regardless if they’re gay or straight.