Yesterday I went flying with my Vespa. Ok, I can hear you thinking now “Yes pull the other one Leendert.” but it’s true, I really went flying albeit very shortly and at a low altitude.

There was this bridge, away in the fields. I was doing a cool 38mph but didn’t see that bridge on time so I went flying with my Vespa, both wheels at least 2 feet from the ground and I landed on the other side of the bridge.

Luckily for me it went down there so I didn’t just ‘drop from the air’ but like in those stunt shows I went down on the slope, not a soft landing but better than on flat ground. I consider myself so lucky I wasn’t hurt.

Last time I did such a thing I was 16 and I did it on purpose. Today I have sore muscles all over my body and I feel like I’m 80.