Tube, Wireless, Turntable

I was very much into music when I was going to college, as all young people were in those days. There were these weekly leaflets in the record shop with the latest Top 40 and we bought our 45’s there using that list.

I can remember them oh so well, printed in black and red with an old-fashioned font they were also handed down during break time at school with the best hits encircled with a pencil or a felt pen.

Back from school we were urged to do our home work as soon as we had a drink, which we did of course with that little Wireless making music on our desk. Mine was an old car radio hooked on a transformer with 12 Volt output and a pair of very old loudspeakers I found in the attic. Our lives weren’t so bad in those days actually, in fact, it was kind of romantic. Some of these 45’s were of the kind that would appeal to girls our age in those days. So we chose to use our money wisely and only invest in those records that were nice to listen to as well as of good use romance wise.

On Thursday evening, after we had our tea, there was TopPop on the Tube -Top of the Pops- and then we just had to watch it even though our parents objected to it. But we were stronger and they were outnumbered and they usually disappeared upstairs out of our way for the next 30 minutes. We could see the makers of the music and Ad Visser, the DJ, talking or interviewing in between the songs live performed on stage in front of a real audience.

And then the next day on Friday we went to the record shop to buy another 45 from our allowance and we could show it at school, it could be stashed away in the Atlas which was big enough. We didn’t want our parents to find out now, did we?! With this newest hit we could ask a girl upstairs if we were lucky before our parents came home from work.

Sometimes romance came for free. In the same spot where I found the old knackered loudspeakers was a box with old 45’s and a very, very old pickup record player with a built in Tube Amp, Mono of course. And when I played one of them on one of these occasions, I got my first kiss. As I am holding this 45 in my hand I can remember it all so well, it all comes back to me, well you never forget your first kiss do you? Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly – True Love.

Tube, Wireless, Turntable. Everything was better in the old days. Seriously, why even question this?