I have two best friends, we have been friends all our lives and often spent time together. We even went on holidays together sometimes, on our pushbikes or by car.

On one of these occasions we decided to venture into grounds where we were not supposed to go, we were trespassing. This adventure stayed with us all the rest of our lives as a great memory and anecdote, we often talked about it at birthday parties or the occasional reunion. Until now, we now have the pictures too.

Because today one of us rediscovered photographs we took at the time and decided to share them amongst us in our whatsapp group. And so lots of memories came up again of times when we were young and adventurous. So here is the story.

Gare Clervaux

The abandoned railway station Gare Clervaux in Luxembourg promised a great afternoon for us, there were dilapidated buildings hidden from sight by it, overgrown material and unhinged doors and windows made us eager to find out what could be found inside the old factory and office building behind it.

The Eternit factory

The old abandoned site appeared to be an Eternit factory, roofing material made of Asbestos that once was used for roofs on sheds and in walls in houses or other purposes. But after it was found out to be extremely hazardous to the health the production of it had been ceased and the owner of the site moved on to the production of a safer product: wall tiles. So there was also proof it had been a successful tile factory and outside we found a 40 tonnes maximum weight Bascule, a weighing station for lorries.

Tile factory

Inside the office of the proprietor we found boxes with tiles with the name of the factory on them, probably as gift for business relations. An old Bakelite phone was hanging on the wall and stamps and ink pads were at a desk and in drawers more office supplies. As if time had stood still, this place was abandoned and no one had ever come back to remove any valuables, not even the entire Eternit administration, neatly put in file folders on shelves. Everything was still there!


There is not much known about the company but I was able to find out some information on the internet.

Until 1935 it was owned by Jacques Wagner-Reuter who also owned a mortar and brick factory according to sources on the internet now. He was eventually succeeded by Jean-Baptiste Thinnes-Reuter (possibly related) who also appeared on the sign on one of the buildings and they could be reached by telephone dialling the number 122 (Téléphone 122, Gare) and later on 91010.

According to the same source on the internet the buildings were demolished in 2005 (démolition des bâtiments 2005). The end.

We had the most fabulous afternoon together trespassing, being where we were not supposed to be and were able to take some great photographs of the site and it looks like they are the best available since the few other pictures on the internet show far less romantic colours. We have the best memories, me and my two friends. And I still have one of those tiles. 🙂