The object in this picture is a well known thing in Swampyland and it’s called an ANWB Toadstool (The Dutch word for Mushroom is Toadstool). ANWB is a Dutch organisation for tourism and traffic, like the AA in England.

These so called Toadstools are made of a concrete foot and a hard resin top layer with directions to the nearest places of interest and villages. They can be found at most crossroads of unpaved roads in the woods of our country and at cycle path crossings next to roads.

These are the old white ones but when one is beyond repair due to wear and tear (or vandalism) they are replaced with bright red ones with white text on them. I prefer these white ones though, they are a familiar sight from when I was a small child until now.

This particular Toadstool no. 20412 is apparently the most photographed ANWB Toadstool in the country as someone told me today which is why this one is always clean whilst others usually are covered in algae.

Just some trivial information.