Those days when we were young

I would really have loved to go back to those moments at the kitchen table again if I could. Have a Newky Brown Ale and a chat with a good friend. Tube lights and 80’s music. And then head over to the Social Club, watching Gordon and Nancy argue and listen to a band.

And I would really have liked to sit there once more, order garlic bread and a pint of Smiths, have a bag of crispies, ready salted or with vinegar, tears from the smoke, talking all night long with a friend in my room in Old Hall, and then go back to work.

I would have liked to go on my pushbike to the city again and get plastered at a party, dance under the Disco ball in Ritzy’s with my girl, burgers in the city center, drink til drink up time, eleven o’clock, get lost on my pushbike on my way back.

And all the time I am moving further away from then, from being the king in my own castle, from being young and full of life itself, from being loved, really loved can you imagine, from being able to go anywhere I like.

I’ll be alright tomorrow when the sun goes up don’t worry. Night night my friends.