This means war!

I often listen to Petra, an American christian rock group from the last century and I like most of their songs. I even have a double album on vinyl that I play occasionally.

One of the songs on that record is This means war! and it’s basically a song about the fight between good and bad. And especially now when there’s a real war this song has more meaning to me than before. Vladimir Putin is attacking its neighbour country and killing civilians. He calls it a special military operation but the whole world knows better: Это означает войну!

Fear has come back

As a child I knew who to be afraid of, I wrote about that in my blog The Cold War five years ago. For years, decades even, that fear had left me as there was no cold war anymore, let alone a real war with fighting soldiers. But now it has come back and fear does strange things to the human mind.

It takes sleep away

Ever since Putin has violently damaged a country that should be left alone and stories and pictures reached the west of destruction and death I have been deprived of sleep for at least a few hours each night, I just can’t let go of the news about a country that is torn apart and destroyed. Meanwhile people are dying, children, pregnant women, elderly people. And it’s heart breaking, far worse than me losing a few hours of sleep, I know.

Hatred has returned

In just a month’s time I have developed a lot of hate, and I hate it. Strong feelings aimed at one person responsible for so much grief, Mister Владимир Владимирович Путин. I hate him, as a christian I really shouldn’t but these feelings cannot be denied: I really hate the ублюдок. Meanwhile he is lying to his own people and continues to kill but we know who is good and who is bad.

I have to let go of hate if I want to have a good night sleep. God will judge him, not me. And victory is to the Lord. Идите домой русские!

“This means war, and the battle’s still raging
War – and thought both sides are waging
The Victor is sure and the victory secure
But till judgment we all must endure
This means war!”