The World Lock down of 2020

250 Years later …

My great great grandfather was a poet and writer in Swampyland during the World Lock Down of 2020 and 2021 when the Great Corona Pandemic took place. He wrote poetry in Dutch and English and stories about his life when he was a bit older, here’s a picture of him in his forties.

The entire world wrote history too in those days of The World Lock down when they were ordered to stay indoors for nearly two years and stay well clear of each other in public places in every country in the world and face masks were compulsory. In those days the global Corona crisis took more than two million and people all over the world were mourning their beloved family members that died because of this highly contagious virus that originated from China. More than 100 million people became ill by the Covid-19 virus.

He, my great great grandfather, had a thing called a Website which we don’t have anymore nowadays except on display in the Museum of Ancient Computer Technology in Sydney. You had to read websites on a back lit pane called a Monitor or Screen and scroll up and down the text with a Mouse (that would be like a hand held device connected to a poke in a hologram now). If you have time off some day go and have a look in the museum in Sydney if you like, they still have a device in working order.

It used to work with hyperlinks in old HTML language, much like pokes nowadays when you poke to a new hologram in Holoweb. You can find his website in The Internet Archeology, just gesture Search and say internetarchive.1960528.lvg3.rotterdam and you will find a copy of its contents on Holoweb but they will put it on that old screen too in the museum if you ask for it nicely I suppose.

If you want to find out information about The World Lock down of 2020 you will find it on his website, like I said, he was a writer and often blogged (a holostory) about his life. You can read for example how the world changed for good in those years, how planes stopped flying in large planes and people remained indoors, scared they would die like my great great grandfather himself was scared. Tens of thousands died in that year in his country and until now that never happened again on such a scale since we diminished the ancient diseases and illnesses (poke holoweb.23957375 to find out).

In the decades after 2020 they had to literally build up earth from scratch again. The air was polluted, rain forests were disappearing and all the ice at the poles of our earth melted (did you know there were vast amounts of ice there, amazing isn’t it?). But after the World Lock down that all changed, planes didn’t fly so often anymore like they did before and if you had to travel to another country you had to file for permission and wait months to get a flight.

You see, they found out that when you stayed at home you could work from there on your own computer in a safe environment. Except for people in health care and factory workers of course, they still had to travel to work. Before 2020 public transport was overcrowded but from then they just had to hop on all electrical transport and hop off at work without stepping on others toes. One thing they realised in those days was that in order to save the world (as it was obviously dying then) they didn’t need a lot of electric cars to get from A to B, no they just built large tramways. And so they stopped cutting down trees and pollute rivers with toxic waste.

Already in the year after (2022) they noticed the earth was becoming a cleaner place, the air became more clear, you could actually see the fish in the rivers and seas and you could even spot ‘new old whales’ these huge sea mammals of which they thought they had become extinct in the millennium before that. Of course that was also due to the fact they stopped using combustion engines for transport and factories weren’t allowed to let go of their toxic gasses into the air anymore and they had to find alternative ways to get rid of it.

One other surprising thing they learned in those days was to be nice to each other again. As they were all dependent on each other for food and drink and supplies they realised they needed other people to be happy. Before that they used to go to places for sex, alcohol and gambling and people murdered each other when they became a bother to them or when they needed money to buy sex or alcohol and drugs. A lot of people weren’t nice to other people in those days until they found out the world was dying and they desperately needed to do something about it.

Remember that when you get in a shared car or a tram now, how this all happened and how we became The Generation of Nice People, the world is such a better place. And all wheelie bins are emptied on time now.