The Typewriter

A few days ago I had this anniversary, 10 years ago I wrote my first poem and published it on my website. I celebrated that little fact on my own with a thimble of Brandy ad fundum and a glass of Port to enjoy for a while, late at night on the couch, alone.

I will organise a little Soirée later on this year for some of my best friends but for now I was completely content with my accomplishment on my own with a glass of Red Tawny Port to celebrate this little fact.

Olivetti M40

Actually, that wasn’t my first poem 10 years ago, my lovely wife had the honour of reading my first (handwritten) poem when we were engaged to be married and I made a promise with that poem. Sorry for you readers, you will never read it as it is just for that one special person in my life.

However I will share with you how I got the inspiration long time ago to start writing.

When I was a boy I used to watch The Waltons on a huge Swedish colour television. In that American television series there was this boy, John Boy, who wanted to become a writer. In one episode he got his own beautiful typewriter and I so wanted to be him that moment.

Years later, about 10 years ago, I saw that very episode again and although hopelessly old-fashioned by that time, computers were already in every household, I made a promise to myself to do exactly the same, writing poems and stories. I wish you all a very good night, and I will not forget to say my prayers.