The Tamarix

We had been driving for hours that day to the hotel near the airport in Belgium as we had to catch the early flight to Barcelona the next day and it had been hot and dusty all afternoon.

That evening we went for a pizza and a large cold root beer followed by a walk in a deserted industrial area where this hotel was situated.

And then we came at this cross road where we noticed this giant Tamarix trees across the street, I never saw such a big ones in my life let alone I had seen a Tamarix previously in my life. It had hundreds of branches heavy with pink flowers and it smelled wonderful, if you ever have been near one you know. And as it was at least 10 feet wide I decided to walk into it and let the tree enclose me as Christa was preoccupied with her phone trying to find her way back in Google Maps.

For a moment my entire world consisted of just that Tamarisk Tree and I was the only one there, everything else had just disappeared. The noise of the street life and traffic subsided, became muffled sounds in the distance and eventually disappeared all together whilst I disappeared into that Salt Cedar next to a deserted street in an area totally unknown to me.

This is a picture I took with my mobile phone from the inside out! Just imagine this as you can’t make this up, I had to get proof that the actual distance between her and me could be this much! And it seemed to me it lasted for ages, me standing there in between the branches of that wonderful tree.

But then I came to my senses and realised Christa would be still there standing next to the tree and I took a few steps towards her, gave her a kiss. That was weird I said to her wanting to tell her about that magical moment. “What was? You were only gone there for a second taking pictures.”

Back to reality.