The Railway Station

This picture is taken from platform no. 1 at the Railway Station last night. I went to school here in Amersfoort, the place where I live now. When I was a boy those fences on the right in the picture weren’t there and neither weren’t there any buildings. Just flat grass land and if you would look left from this spot you would see the warehouses and loading docks for Van Gend & Loos, a Dutch transport company that no longer exists nowadays.

Every morning in Autumn and Winter we took the train to School, in Spring and Summer we used our pushbikes. We used to stand there waiting for a train loaded with brand new Volkswagen cars from Germany to arrive and move slowly onto the track that goes to the right in the picture. It’s still there, this is a picture from 2018, same train different colours and operator for the shunter.

This train moved past the bike shed of our school and we often used it for the rest of our journey. The only thing we had to do was throw our school bag on one of the wagons, run and then jump on and jump off behind that bike shed. It saved us a good two mile walk from the Railway Station to School.

Sometimes the Rector Magnificat would be watching us from the window in his office at the top floor when we arrived there and he would call us to his room to warn us never to do it again. Yeah right.